LUMINOS.SPACE is a multi-disciplinary artist collective comprising of James Ziegler, Alan Fortune, Dylan Bauer and Chris Sies. Our artistic discipline is immersive public art installations based upon stainless steel sculptures, lighting design, shadows and reflections, and contemporary music to create dynamic abstract art.

The signature work of LUMINOS.SPACE, “Traces of Consciousness” (developed with support from Calgary Arts Development), James Ziegler’s early experimentation with his sculptures which were transformed into instruments for creating arrays of light effects using narrow-beam spotlights.

James Ziegler (lead artist LUMINOS.SPACE) and Alan Fortune (videographer LUMINOS.SPACE) first met while working on Tall Feathers (by James Ziegler) at the Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre in 2021. In 2022, Alan began collaborating with James on his studio project “Traces of Consciousness,” and it quickly became apparent that they shared a mutual interest in creating dynamic visual spaces that could deepen viewers’ understanding of themselves and their connections to the space around them. Their skills made for a strong collaboration, and “Traces of Consciousness” expanded from its exploratory beginnings in a home studio, to being tested for scalability and audience reach at the Bowness Community Association (2023). This was followed by an invitation to participate in ChamberFest West (2023), where the creative partnership grew to include Dylan Bauer (lighting design) and Chris Sies (sound design)..