At LUMINOS.SPACE, our team possesses a wide range of skills and expertise, allowing us to seamlessly create, install, and manage various projects. Comprised of creative artists and skilled craftsmen, our team members are equipped with hands-on experience in installation and site work.

James Ziegler, Artist, Inventor and Builder 

James’s art intertwines mathematics and structure, inspiring curiosity and creativity in others. His work invites people to explore and reconnect with their creative potential. With a recent focus on community engagement and healing spaces, Ziegler’s art touches hearts and exemplifies a lifelong commitment to innovation and healing through creative expression.

Alan Fortune, Photographer, Videographer

Alan Fortune, a 30-year professional photographer, honed his skills in New York City and worked with clients like The Jim Pattison Group. In 2012, he ventured into cinematography with Fortune Filmworks, adding movement and sound to storytelling. His passion lies in collaborating with organizations like Kiyooka Ohe Arts Centre, and Trickster Theatre Company, producing videos that connect and empower. He is a founding co-creator of

Dylan Bauer, Lighting Technician

University of Lethbridge alumnus Dylan, now a fixture in the Calgary arts scene, serves as One Yellow Rabbit’s Big Secret Theatre technician while freelancing at local theaters. His involvement in art projects enhances his creative journey. Dylan eagerly collaborates with James and the team, excited to shape its future.

Chris Sies, Percussionist, Sound artist 

As a sound artist rooted in percussion, I explore various modes of sonic expression, whether through performance, composition, or installations. I’m captivated by sustained sound experiences, where layers of consciousness unfold, creating perceptual insights and the potential for inner and outer harmony. Sustain, repetition, and timbral shifts guide my work.